Long story short, finally we got this property and have started working on it. At the upper level framing is taking place.

The main water pipe in the basement is completely busted and we are trying to figure it out where the layout of the main sewage is?

Interestingly we were directed to six different offices!!!!

Ultimately, we found the concerned Washington Water Office in the DCRA's Building

But they also did not have the drawings of the sewage lines???

God Knows Better What The Heck Is Happening In Our Beloved City???!!!

We will keep you updated.

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We have latest update that want to share with you for this property. Framing has been finished on the first and second floor and started in the basement. Also  rough-in HVAC  and plumbing rough-In has been started.  Miss Utility was called to mark the property due to the digging for the sewage line which will start in a few days, awaiting the permit.  A large portion of the Main Sewer Line will need to be replaced.  The shed was torn down in the back of the house.  The Front and Back door was installed.  Basement door was ordered.  Windows to be ordered in the next few days.  

Please keep following us for upcoming updates.