When we purchased this property we found that there was existing mold but not that bad. After a month later when we start working at the property we faced a big problem with the mold. It was rain period and that helps the mold to grow, it was literally bubbling like from movie monster type of thing. This is the biggest issue over here.

We are going to take care of it. In the meantime we are working with architect on it and we know this is going to get transformed in a beautiful home.

Please let us know if we can provide any service to you related to renovation your house!


We have taken care of the mold and all the issue over there. Now we are in the schematic design process and we would like to give a big shout out to Rich Hostelley who is the mastermind on this huge one .

Another big shout out for Sabina Gudauskas who is going to advise us on choosing the plan best for all .   . We have to be very careful. This is a big project. 

Wish us luck, Folks!!

We will keep updating you until the house is done.

After months and months of deliberations on what exactly is the route for us to adopt to get the most bang out of the buck. 

And after getting multiple quotations ranging from as low as $168000.00 to as high as $649500.00 ( just for the renovations )

We found a buyer who is even more keen than us to turn it around. 

We didn't really want to sell it. 

So we asked for a price which we were sure he won't give.

You know what???

He paid $10000.00 more than our asking price assuming that we are looking for multiple offers!!!!!


Big Shout Out To Sabina, our company's Director of Business Development who made it all happen.

Cannot forget how helpful Cheryl Macheske's constant feedback and advices have been although long!!

There literally is no excuse left for us not to have a real cool part soon!!!

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Please remember to call us for any help of any nature 

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