We want to share same updates with the progress of this project.

First of all  we want to mention to our audience that they have to be extra careful when they are working in Washington DC .

Please do your best to comply as much as possible according to the rules and regulations. We experienced a new thing recently. We received Stop Work Order on this one. The reason written on this order says  that the permit to demolish the interior isn't posted on the window. Actually we had the permit, but it fell down on the floor and no one could see it from outside. When the enforcement inspector came the permit wasn’t posted on the window and she gave us Stop Work Order. This is going to cost us one week of delay, after we fulfill all their formalities of appeal procedure. All we are trying to say to our friends, be very careful, that when you have permit don’t take it for granted. You have to make sure that is taped on the window and everyone can see it from outside.  

We will keep you posted with new updates.

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Stop Work order has been ultimately removed and the work has started in full force. Now the demolition is completely done . One experience I would like to share with our viewers: When ever you engage your contractor for demo work including the whole house being a part of the contract. ALWAYS spell out what exactly demo work constitutes!!! We have a situation in which our contractor simply does not want all the stucco plaster walls to go out. She is keeping some and she is demolishing some. Her choice !! we no like !!

One another interesting situation has also arisen. After preparing the schematic designs and all the permits , our contractor has pointed out a load bearing wall which extended from the basement to the top . After tearing that wall down she now has come up with this question: How do we save the house????? Pretty Crazy, Right???

Structural engineer for the last two weeks is trying to get the solution. It's very tricky because it is a bigger project and we are not ready to compromise on that wall. We want that wall to be removed. We are working on it at this moment and we will post pictures with updates too.


We finished with installing the Coffered Ceiling and some of the drywall.  Also we started doing the trim and doors.The exterior painting is complete. The siding of the house is done and also we finished a stone walkway outside of the house. Railing going on the front porch. Walk out balcony has been prepped. Rough in Electric was completed. This is pretty much for now and we will continue updating our project shortly. 

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.