So let me share an interesting story on the quickest closing which we have ever done .

I received a phone call from a friend for a property that was listed for $157K, and went under contract for $170. But the transaction didn’t go through. He was asking me if I want to have this property. I wasn’t sure, I even didn’t see  this house.. After couple of hours I found out that that this property no more available and went under contract again.

The story continues on the next day 9/11…

The same property was still available, than I called another friend of mine for advice. She told me that even is worth it to buy it for $175K. To make sure I am taking the right decision I spoke with one more person for her opinion. She was the one who saw this property and told me that is too small, it’s not going to be a good deal and she is not interesting of putting an offer for.

So at the end of the day on 9/11 after my office closed I took decision to put an offer. Its was around 9-10 pm when my offer was accepted. The other day Sep 12 it was the cherry of the top, around 9 am my closing had occurred!!!

On the same day we sold our property 3351 Blane St. NE, Washington DC 20019. This property went 3 times under contract and fell through every time .Finally we MADE IT!

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This is a very very small property, the smallest we have ever purchased. When we bought this house the documents stated  that it has approximately 1100 sq ft, when we measured inch to inch, it’s only 750 sq ft. It doesn’t have basement, it has only one small main level, two small bedrooms upstairs and one full bathroom. There is not much what we can do but this is our small challenge project that we never ever experienced before. We will do our best to not have a loss on it. We are on our schematic design phase now and shall keep you posted .

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We’ve started with full force over here. Work is being done at a pace which suits our temperament and that is obviously very quick paced. Windows have been installed , the roof is going to be install this weekend and the porch is been build up. The property has been cleaned up.

We will keep you updated.

If you need any help or advice with renovating your home, please contact us!

We would love to share with you that we are working very hard on this property and after the updates everything in the property is brand new. It's literally build as a brand new construction with  new roof, sidings, front and back porch. The framing, plumbing, electrical and air conditioning has been completed on the property. Its still under construction but working very hard and getting to the final point.

We will keep you updated.

If you need any help or advice with renovating your home, please contact us!