This is a beautiful big house . At this moment the demolition is nearly complete . We’ve got structural engineer over here to give us some feedback for foundation and everything looks good. We will keep you post it with the progress of this project.

Please let us know if we can be of any service to you?

After the demolition is done we are in the selection process now. We’ve ordered the windows, choosing exterior color, digging a trench for waterproof in the basement and we are working on the point up on the bricks and trying to move on s fast as we can.  

The yard is completely clean and we are in process of fixing everything and framing the whole house. This house look as completely different one.  We will keep updating you until the house is done.

Dear friends we are very exited to give you updates on this project. We have new custom interior steps that have been installed.  The LVLs have also been installed.  Upon further observation the main structural beam in the basement had termite damage and had to be replaced.  The French drain was completed. The brick was pointed up.  Parging was completed and also the walls were dry locked.  In the process of leveling out the basement flooring to start framing.  The plumbing rough-in has started.  The customer shower pan has been started.  The tub in also ready for pickup for the hallway bathroom.

 Waiting for the separate Building  permit to start the porch enclosure and walkout balcony from the Master Bedroom.

We will keep you update and hopefully soon we will have this property on the market.