Safa Homes is in the business of Real Estate investment and renovation. What makes us different is the passion and energy we put in our work. We do remodeling not only for our own properties, but for our clients' too.One of our current projects is our toughest one so far. When we were given this single family house it was a hoarder's paradise. We started cleaning the trash and it took us 23 dumpsters. Yes!! You read this right . 23 Dumpsters Load of Trash and Old Clothes. The whole house literally ALL THE IMAGINABLE SQUARE FOOTAGE was full of trash from the floor to the ceilings. The labor and time cost $25K. After we cleared everything, we came to know that the real story has yet to begin!! The house was a complete gut and the owners had purchased it assuming that they will get away with cosmetic uplift!! (See picture# 1& 2)


This property is located in the Historical district of Anacostia, which complicated matters further.
We inherited a 20 feet long Sea Container too which was there since eternity (See Picture #3). This container is placed at the back of the property. We are pretty sure that the container was brought here when there were no houses around. We have tried everything in the last seven months to get rid of it including cranes. The interesting fact is that until now eight different companies claiming to be professionals in this field have also tried to remove it unsuccessfully. We will keep you posted folks!!  

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We just want to make a point that some projects are really tough and no matter how much planning goes into it, surprises are inevitable. If anyone needs any advise on how to complete any work related to what we do, please contact us. And that includes Sea Containers Too :)


We have good news, ultimately we got rid of the container, which was a very very tedious job. After lots of lots of options, what we did, we combined cutting and torch to  remove the container.. Finally we did it! Now we can breath, we can see the space in the backyard. We can start working on our next phase of the house, to do fence around the house, to build back deck and front porch. We will keep you posted with new updates!

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This property is in the historic district. Our next job was to put fence around the house and it took a lot of time, a lots of drawings and a lots of other painful stuff. But as of today the fence is done, we are done with the back yard deck, and we are working on the front porch.

One of the another issues we faced is the water damage in the basement. We have an extremely uncooperative neighbor. Unfortunately we had to request her to pull the permit because that was the only option. She wasted four weeks and ultimately said NO!! Now we have to create a channel inside and this is pretty labor intensive work. Another thing that we don't like about this project is the outside color of the house. This is a very crazy mistake on our part. We need to repaint the whole house. We will keep you updated.

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Ultimately we have successfully reached to the point of listing. Within few hours of listing regardless of a heavy snowfalls day.
We had our project UNDER CONTRACT!!!!
God is Great !!!!